About Counselling

Counselling is a form of 'talking therapy' that can help people to: 

  • Discuss their problems honestly and openly with a professionally qualified counsellor in a safe and confidential setting; 
  • Deal with issues that may be preventing them from achieving their goals and ambitions;
  • Have a more positive outlook on life and the challenges and difficulties it may present.

Counselling can be a positive way of addressing any unresolved issues you may have from the past and can help you to understand any problems you may be experiencing better. It may also help to give you a better understanding of other people's perceptions and points of view.

There are a number of different counselling 'models' that can be applied.  Having trained as an 'integrative' Counsellor I can apply a combination of Humanistic, Psychodynamic and Cognitive-Behavioural strategies and we can work with these together according to your individual personal needs.

Getting Started

Counselling is not right for everybody.  The first appointment, which will be for an hour and a half, will be to discuss your particular circumstances and issues and to assess whether counselling may be an appropriate route for you to follow. 

Counselling Programme 

If, following the first appointment we both agree that counselling may be of benefit to you, we will contract to regular weekly 50 minute counselling sessions in Purley, for an agreed period of time.  These sessions can be arranged during normal working hours or, if this conflicts with other commitments you may have, in the early evening.


Fees are typically £50.00 for the initial appointment and £40.00 per session thereafter.  Concessionary fees may be agreed for those experiencing financial difficulty or for student counsellors seeking personal therapy as part of the requirements of their course.

t: 07981 274597

e: christine@purleycounselling.com